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About AppleScript

AppleScript is a scripting language created by Apple Inc. It uses an English like syntax and allows users to control applications, as well as the MacOS itself.

Double clicking a script will launch the Script Editor application and open the selected script. The short comment at the top of the script explains what it does. Clicking the triangular “Run” button will execute the script.

These scripts are offered FREE and without warranty. They are included with Rob’s CD Ripper for iTunes and located in a folder on the software disk image.

What do the Set-Up Scripts Do?

None of the FREE Set-Up Scripts actually make changes to your system.  They do however, facilitate you in making 3 configuration changes.

You may at any time, deactivate some or all of the noted settings.

Script 1.

This script helps you open the System Preference Pane to the Accessibility setting of the Security & Privacy System Preference Pane. Once there, you add Script Editor to the allowed applications that can control actions of your Mac via AppleScript. It does this for the sole purpose of allowing you verify or set 2 settings for Apple’s Safari web browser.

Script 2.

This script opens Safari’s Preferences.  Once there, you can toggle the checkbox at the bottom of Safari’s Advanced preference pane to activate Safari’s Develop menu.  Adding the Develop menu to the Safari web browser allows you to toggle various settings for Safari.

Script 3.

This script opens Safari’s Preferences.  Once there, you can toggle the checkbox at the bottom of Safari’s Security preference pane to activate Safari’s Enable JavaScript.  Toggling Enable JavaScript activates / deactivates JavaScript within Safari’s browser window.

Running / Setup of the FREE Set-Up Scripts

To begin, double click Script 1:
1_Open_Security_&_Privacy_System_Preference.scpt. The script will open in Apple’s Script Editor application.

If the System Preference Pane Security & Privacy opens and shows Accessibility; and the application Script Editor is checked in the list as shown below; proceed to running scripts 2 and 3.

Otherwise, proceed with the the steps below.

If Script Editor is not shown in the Allow the apps below to control your computer window, then follow the steps below.

Click the lock icon in the lower left to make changes.

You will be prompted to authenticate with your login password.

Then click the Plus symbol to add the Script Editor application. It is located in the Utilities folder within the Applications folder.

Select the Script Editor application to add it.

Script Editor’s Accessibility has been added. Close the window to complete the setup.

You may now run script 2 and 3 of the FREE Setup scripts.

For help with script 2 and 3, visit our help page

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