Commonly asked questions about Rob’s CD Ripper:

Why should I use Rob’s CD Ripper for iTunes • Import and Convert Audio CDs?

Rob’s CD Ripper for iTunes saves a lot of time ripping your music collection into two audio formats in one step. You can have one high quality lossless file for archiving and one smaller,  lower bit-rate file for play back. Compressed audio formats save disk space and allow you to store more files on your hard drive. Converting lossless files to other formats will also process much faster than re-ripping from CDs.

Can Rob’s CD Ripper for iTunes be used with multiple CD drives?

Yes, Rob’s CD Ripper for iTunes will detect multiple mounted audio CDs and show them in the progress window. Ripping multiple CDs will save you time!

Does Rob’s CD Ripper for iTunes keep a count of CDs and tracks that I rip?

Yes, a running total of the rip sessions / ripped CDs and total tracks can be found at the top of the log file, just under the summary headline.

Can I reset the count of CDs and tracks that I rip?

Yes, just remove or rename the “iTunes_Ripper_Log.txt” file located in the Ripped_Audio_Files folder. A new log file will be created after starting a new rip session.

I edited the “iTunes_Ripper_Log.txt” file and now the count of CDs and tracks is incorrect. What happened?

You can edit the log file and the count of CDs and tracks will be counted correctly as long as the tally code at the bottom of the log file remains in place. It looks like this: ∆19∆163

Can I use Rob’s CD Ripper for iTunes without Allowing JavaScript from AppleEvents?

Yes. You can, but you will not see progress reports within the update window. You will see a notification that JavaScript and AppleEvents are required for progress updates. And you will receive a notice when ripping is complete.

How do I add music to my iTunes Library?

Select “Add to Library…” from the File menu. At the prompt, navigate to the folder containing the music you want to add to iTunes. Then click “Open.” Your new music will be added to your iTunes Music Library.

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