Rob’s CD Ripper for iTunes • Import and Convert Audio CDs


Rob’s CD Ripper for iTunes • Import and Convert Audio CDs



Rip Your Old Music Collection, Rather Than
Paying a Monthly Subscription for Streaming Music

Rob’s CD Ripper for iTunes • Import and Convert Audio CDs

Rob’s CD Ripper for iTunes is a Macintosh application for ripping tracks from audio CDs. You save time by ripping two audio formats at the same time, in sequence.  Create lossless audio files for back-up and archiving as well as a second compressed format for playback on your audio devices and computers. Save hours of your time when ripping your music collection. With our multiple drive support, you’ll save even more time by ripping multiple disk per session!

There are a number of advantages for doing this:

  • A Lossless back-up version  is a safety net in the event that your original CD is damaged or lost.  If that happens, you can burn a new disk with iTunes using the lossless back-up copies.  You will then have a CD of the highest quality, matching the original CD.
  • Time Saving – the secondary benefit is once music is on your computer in a lossless format, you can convert the files to other formats much faster than ripping them from the CD. You’ll also be assured that the converted copies are of the highness quality.
  • A second, compressed, lower resolution format  (i.e. iTunes Plus) for everyday play back will allow you to store many more songs on your hard drive or audio device, while enjoying great quality.
  • Lower bit-rate tracks will use less bandwidth while streaming to your Airport Express, Apple TV networks or other streaming devices such as Sonos sound systems.
  • Automated ripping and converting tracks is less tedious and saves you time.
  • Multiple drive support – multiple drives will rip and convert your music collection in far less time.


  • Mac OS 10.9 or later
  • Rob’s CD Ripper for iTunes App
  • Safari Web Browser
  • iTunes
  • Internet Connection


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